10 Early Signs of Lupus Most People Ignore, But You Shouldn’t

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3. Hair loss

As we’ve said before, a hair loss issue could be many things. From stress-related events to alopecia, your hair might fall out due to various reasons. Lupus is also one of them. In fact, dealing with thinning hair is usually associated with early symptoms of this autoimmune disease.

This happens because lupus is a disease that causes inflammation in the body. As a result, patients may also deal with inflammation of the scalp.

In fact, some lupus patients may also spot thinning of the eyebrows, beard, or eyelashes. The worst part is that the meds used for lupus treatment are also destroying your hair.

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4. Skin rash or lesions

This is for sure the most obvious sign of lupus. If you spot a butterfly-shaped rash that starts from the bridge of your nose and continues on your cheeks, call your doctor. Over 50 percent of lupus patients reported having this type of unusual rash.

In most cases, this butterfly-shaped rash appears seconds before a lupus flare-up.

As if a butterfly-shaped rash wasn’t enough, people with lupus can also experience lesions (at least they aren’t itchy).

Fact: People with lupus are pretty sensitive to sun exposure, some may even be affected by artificial lighting too.


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