10 Foods in Your Fridge You Should Throw Away Now

Ranch Dressing

Having raw veggies around to snack on instead of chips is definitely good thinking, but when you’re out of hummus and rummaging through the fridge for something to dip them in, you might grab a bottle of ranch dressing. But back up. Creamy salad dressing can pack serious saturated fat and calories, and you’re not getting solid nutrition in return.

Other Options: Cottage Cheese

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7 thoughts on “10 Foods in Your Fridge You Should Throw Away Now”

    1. So much junk food out there in the marketpkace. It can be difficult to stay away from comfort foods. The upside: staying healthy longer…

  1. Its ironic that in the entry for tonic water, you show a bottle of Fever Tree tonic water. It is the only tonic water that does NOT use high fructose corn syrup. It uses natural cane sugar syrup.

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