10 Health Conditions That Affect Men and Women Differently



While we tend to assume both genders experience this annoying skin condition equally, especially upon hitting puberty, men tend to have it worse and it’s more difficult to treat in men than women.

“This is likely due to the increased testosterone in men and the increased size of sebaceous (oil) glands in men, which results in oilier skin,” explains Dr. Garden. “However, women tend to seek out physician treatment for acne more than men.”

Ironically, however the type of acne that tends to remain into one’s adult years tends to affect women more often and is a frequent reason for a woman to visit their dermatologist’s office. “During their 30s, over 25 percent of women still experience acne, while only 12 percent of men do,” Dr. Garden says. “This adult female acne can be difficult to treat and generally deserves a more hormone-centric approach to treatment options.”


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