10 of the Strangest Medical Cases Reported Last Year

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10. Calcified stone

Surprise, surprise!!! A woman’s emergency room visit turned out to be a 1.5-inch long calcified stone. She experienced severe abdominal pain accompanied by vomiting, and this is what made her visit the hospital in a rush.

Initially, she thought that her symptoms are due to a surgery she had decades earlier. However, she was more than wrong. The doctors found a big calcified stone in her intestines, and according to them, its development was probably the same age as the woman.

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As the woman stated, she had surgery for an intestinal blockage when she was only six days old, but it seems that the rudimental method used by the doctor left a small piece of the intestine in her body, that, over time, led to the formation of a large stone.

Thankfully, the doctors were able to fully remove the calcified stone, and now the woman feels fantastic.

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