10 of the Strangest Medical Cases Reported Last Year

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8. Three kidneys

We’ve learned in school that the human body has two kidneys, but a man from Brazil can disagree with all biology books. The 38-year-old man shocked his doctors when they discovered that he actually has three kidneys!

He went to the doctor’s office due to severe back pain, and the CT scan showed exactly the root cause of his pain. No, the root cause wasn’t the third kidney but a herniated disk. However, among this, the doctors also discovered the third kidney.

According to the case’s report, published in the New England Journal of Medicine on May 6, 2020, the man had a normal-looking kidney on the left and two fused kidneys near the pelvis.

In the medical literature, there are no more than 100 cases of three kidneys ever reported. However, it appears that this unusual and abnormal condition occurs during embryonic development. The 38-year-old man can safely live with three kidneys without any medical complications at all.


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