10 Things You Had No Idea Were Bad for Your Mental Health

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Saying yes when you want to say no

“Even the thought of saying no can sometimes evoke feelings of guilt, fear, or anxiety,” says Samantha DeCaro, PsyD, assistant clinical director of The Renfrew Center in Philadelphia. Saying yes “helps us avoid these uncomfortable emotions”—or so we think.

According to DeCaro, saying yes to one thing invariably means you’re saying no to something else—and if not, it leaves you struggling to get through an overbooked schedule. Before committing to anything, she suggests taking a pause and identifying your needs first.

“Ask yourself, ‘What are the pros and cons of taking this on?’ ‘What will I be sacrificing by agreeing to this?'” she says. “Instead of answering right away, try requesting more time to think things through before making a final decision.”


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