12 Beverages You Should Stay Away From

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I think that, nowadays, it takes a certain level of discipline to drink water when you’re thirsty. Because there are so many options that are standing right in front of you, that we sometimes forget the difference between diet Coke and a cup of water.

But the difference is there. And it’s huge! So, if you consider yourself a health-conscious person, you’ll probably never grab a sugar-filled bottle of juice or an aspartame-ridden can of diet soda. We all know that stuff is bad for us.

But there are also other beverages that we should avoid, and we might not know which ones. So, in order to get a better understanding, we made a list of 12 drinks we should avoid as much as possible, and trust me, some of these will really surprise you!

  1. Pasteurized Fruit Juice – The issue with fruit juice is that it contains way more fruit than you’d usually consume in one sitting. And all that fruit has sugar, which could add up to the amount of a meal’s worth of calories. But you don’t get any fiber, nor protein or fat. So it’s definitely not worth replacing a meal with two cups of fruit juice.
  2. Conventional Milk – It goes like this: there’s a difference between conventional milk and organic. Conventional milk contains estrogen, as it comes from cows treated with hormones. And experts worry that consuming these extra hormones will make you more susceptible to certain types of cancers.
  3. Sweetened non-dairy milk – Experts are suggesting to go for unsweetened plain or vanilla-flavored non-dairy milk because it contains fewer empty calories.
  4. Artificially sweetened, with zero-calorie beverages – Ice-teas and sodas that are somehow devoid of calories contain chemicals, artificial coloring, and artificial sweeteners.
  5. Cola – Straight-up sodas contain sugars, that contribute with calories without nutrients. Dark sodas, on the other hand, contain phosphoric acid, which reduces the amount of calcium your body absorbs, weakening your bones.
  6. A venti-sized caffeine fix – Of course a massive amount of coffee will completely put you back on track, but it might not ever let you get off it. It can mess with your sleep schedule and nervous system, so watch out for how much coffee you drink.
  7. Premixed alcoholic beverages – Although they are a genius invention, they are mostly full of preservatives and contain more sugar than you’d normally add to any homemade drink. Instead of buying a twist-off margarita, try mixing tequila with lime juice and soda at home.
  8. Muscle milk/pre-made protein drinks – Unless you’re about to compete in the Olympics, you don’t need to drink all that extra protein. First of all, meals that are made from whole foods are way more satisfying than drinking meal replacements, with extra sugars and unknown flavors. If you really want to drink your calories, try unflavored protein powder, unsweetened almond milk, and fruit. It’s healthier.
  9. Sports drinks – These types of drinks contain many artificial colors and sweeteners that can’t be qualified as food. If you had a long night and you’re hungover now, or you had a really sweaty fitness session, drink water or unflavored coconut water.
  10. Fancy coffee drinks – I know this might hurt to hear, but frappuccinos are sugar bombs. They contain lots of empty calories, so you could end up drinking a 10-min frappuccino that have more calories than your lunch break. Stick to the basic stuff- coffee, tea, cappuccino.
  11. Warm water bottles – Heat can degrade plastic, so experts are worried that this can cause chemicals to leach into your water.
  12. Club soda – Club soda and some mineral waters can hide a sneaky source of sodium, up to 50 milligrams per serving. Just to be safe, look for sodium-free varieties with natural flavors.

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