12 Secrets That Help You Memorize Things Easily

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Write it down

In the times where we always have in our proximity any needed gadgets, why would you even consider writing anything ever again? And by all means, have you seen recently anyone to carry a little agenda and a pen wherever they go, when all you have to do is grab your phone and open notes?

Although writing down information has become less practical than typing it, the correct method that can help you memorize things faster would still be writing it down in the old fashioned way. Why is that?

When you write something down, whether we’re talking about a course or complicated directions of an address, you have to listen, understand and transcribe the information, all at once. As a consequence of technology entering our routine, we are prone to typing anything down to have the most accurate information needed.

But this process is killing our conceptual thinking because we no longer have the need to filter what we hear, we simply copy the words and transform them into written knowledge we are not actively understanding. The process of writing down what it’s been presented to you it’s called encoding.

It’s a complex process in which your brain receives the information from the speaker and summarizes it, giving away what you don’t need and emphasising the crucial information. Because of this process, you understand better what it’s been said to you and the information remains in your brain for a longer time.

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