12 Unhealthy Habits You Have to Break Right Now for a Healthy Lifestyle

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If you used to be a smoker and have now turned to vaping thinking that it’s healthier, you should think twice.

Sure, marketing campaigns will claim that it’s better than smoking, but the truth is we know too little about it to say what harmful things it can cause to your body in the long run. Some experts even say it could lead to developmental problems in young users.

If you’ve quit regular cigarettes, we think you can quit vaping too. Look for resources that smokers of traditional tobacco use and use the ones that work for you. We also recommend apps that help you keep track of how much you’ve smoked and how much money you’ve saved by quitting to keep you motivated.

Washing Raw Chicken

Washing raw chicken is a bad habit that stems from misinformation. You’d think that washing it would lower your risk of getting in contact with harmful bacteria, but you’re actually increasing it.

When you wash chicken, you’ll be splashing salmonella all over your sink, and some of those water droplets could even land on your counter or on the floor, from where you’ll be more likely to transfer them around.

Cook your chicken to at least 165F and make sure you wash your hands after touching it.


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