14 Heart-Healthy Foods That Are Incredibly Cheap

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Plenty of fruits are treated as vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and squash, but avocados are one of the very few fruits that are high in fat. That fat is considered a heart-healthy, “good” fat because it’s unsaturated — but that might just be the tip of the iceberg.

A study published in 2015 by the American Heart Association showed that an avocado a day — whether added to a low-fat diet, a moderate-fat diet or a cholesterol-lowering diet — had the effect of lowering LDL cholesterol across the board.

How to eat them

You’re not doing yourself any favors if you eat avocados only in the form of guacamole. Instead, slice them onto a salad or serve them as a garnish with poached or grilled fish and poultry.

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