14 Heart-Healthy Foods That Are Incredibly Cheap

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Price: $3.83 per pound

“Oily” fish are the champions of omega-3 fatty acid content, but they’re not the only useful source for those heart-healthy fats. Flaxseed is another good option and might be easier to fit into your diet than fish.

For one thing, as a plant-based source of omega-3s, flaxseed is a more suitable option for vegetarians and vegans. If you have someone in the house who’s allergic to seafood, flaxseed makes a good alternative.

How to eat it

Sprinkle flaxseed meal over your bowl of hot or cold breakfast cereal, spoon it into the blender when you make a smoothie or add it to your bread and other baked goods. It’s also a strong source of soluble fiber, so you’ll be doubling down on heart health. Other oily seeds, such as chia and hemp, might provide comparable benefits.

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