15 Signs You’re Vitamin C Deficient

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7. Slowly healing wounds

Since the previous vitamin C deficiency sign was easy bruising, maybe it comes as no surprise that slowly healing wounds is found on our list too.

Because the lack of vitamin C slows collagen formation, your body’s natural ability to heal itself is also delayed.

Studies have shown that those with chronic and non-healing leg ulcers are more prone to be vitamin C deficient than people who don’t have chronic leg ulcers. In serious cases of vitamin C deficiency, old wounds can appear anytime, maximizing the risk of infection.

As a general rule, this vitamin C deficiency sign appears after many months of lacking the vitamin.

8. Swollen joints accompanied by pain

We’ve already mentioned that good collagen production is essential in maintaining healthy joints; therefore, lacking vitamin C has some serious consequences for your joints. In fact, in our country alone, there have been numerous cases of joint pain caused by vitamin C deficiency.

Of those, some were so severe that caused difficulty walking. What’s even more concerning is bleeding within the joints. People who are vitamin C deficient can also experience bleeding within the joints.

Thankfully, taking vitamin C supplements for about two weeks will get you rid of any symptoms.


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