15 Signs You’re Vitamin C Deficient

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9. Weak bones

Bone health is affected significantly by a lack of vitamin C. As a matter of fact, low levels of vitamin C are often associated with an increased risk of osteoporosis. Furthermore, all studies mention the importance of vitamin C in bone formation.

For that reason, a deficiency in it results in a higher bone loss rate. Recent research goes even further saying that children’s skeletons are affected the most because they are still developing.

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10. Bleeding gums

While lemon’s high levels of citric acid can cause enamel erosion, a lack of vitamin C can cause your gums to bleed. In fact, bleeding gums are a common sign of vitamin C deficiency.

This happens because gum tissue tends to weaken, causing blood vessels to bleed when you’re not getting the recommended daily amount for vitamin C. Actually, when left untreated, vitamin C deficiency may cause your gums to turn purple, even rotten; ultimately leading to tooth loss.

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