15 Signs You’re Vitamin C Deficient

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13. Tiredness and bad mood

These two are the most common early signs of vitamin C deficiency. In fact, tiredness and bad mood can sometimes appear before a deficiency starts to develop.

So, if you find yourself easily irritated and annoyed, as well as tired for apparently no reason, you might be vitamin C deficient. After a couple of days of taking vitamin C supplements, your mood should be restored and your tiredness banished.

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14. Unexplained weight gain

Are you tired of working out with no results? Then you should go for a medical checkup. You might have a vitamin C deficiency without even realizing it.

Vitamin C prevents obesity by controlling fat release from fat cells, minimizing stress hormones, and reducing inflammation in the body. So, a lack of it can result in unexplained weight gain even when you’re constantly excising.

Furthermore, studies concluded that low levels of vitamin C could increase the amount of belly fat.

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