21 Warning Signs Your Heart Might Be in Danger

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Arm or shoulder pain

Yes, there are many things that can lead to arm or shoulder pain, but the most common one is heart disease. Plus, the shoulder pain associated with a heart attack usually strikes when you’re not doing something that exhausts you physically. It can show up when you’re sitting comfortably on your couch watching a football game or on your way to work.

In other words, if you suddenly feel a sharp pain in your shoulder, back, or arm along with a pressure-like feeling in the chest, chances are you have a heart attack.

Feeling tired all the time

Oftentimes, general fatigue is just what it is. Maybe you’ve been working a lot lately, or your gym schedule is not exactly the easiest one, but sometimes, feeling tired all the time could be a sign of coronary artery disease or heart failure. If you can’t name what’s causing your general fatigue, you should go for a checkup.

And HERE are other reasons why you feel tired all the time…

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