21 Warning Signs Your Heart Might Be in Danger

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Frequent bathroom trips at night

Going to the bathroom more than you usually do, especially during the night? Well, an increased urge to pee could actually be a pretty common symptom of heart failure. If you notice that your bathroom trips are more frequent lately, maybe it’s time to visit your doctor to check if your heart is in tip-top shape or not. No matter the answer, it’s not normal to wake up several times during sleep to pee.

Rapid weight gain

Weight gain is definitely something you wouldn’t associate with heart disease, and yet, it is a sign of heart failure. Heart-related weight gain occurs when your body is actually retaining fluid because the heart is not able to pump it properly. Doctors say that this type of weight gain linked to heart failure could translate to gaining three pounds in only 24 hours or more than four pounds in one week.

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