21 Warning Signs Your Heart Might Be in Danger

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Swollen feet, ankles, or legs

In general, swelling translates to an injury to the area, but that’s not always the case. The buildup of too much fluid in your tissues like legs, ankles, feet could also translate to heart failure. Doctors say that the fluid builds up when blood is trying to return to your heart. Failing to do so, it causes certain tissues to swell. So, as soon as you spot swelling in your legs, call your doctor.

Having a cold sweat

Breaking into a cold sweat out of a sudden? Well, sadly, you might be having a heart attack. In fact, the Mayo Clinic points out that a cold sweat accompanied by chest pain or discomfort are pretty common signs and symptoms of a heart attack. Therefore, if you don’t not what’s causing your sudden cold sweat, call 911 immediately.

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