21 Warning Signs Your Heart Might Be in Danger

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Irregular heartbeat

Changes in the heartbeat can happen due to many things such as caffeine intake, anxiety, and even dehydration, but if you think you have irregular heartbeats for apparently no reason, it’s time to contact your doctor. For instance, if your heart starts beating super fast while reading a book or watching your favorite Netflix show, it would be best to check it with your doc.

A fluttering feeling in your chest

Experiencing a fluttering feeling in your chest could be a symptom of atrial fibrillation, a.k.a. AFib. Atrial fibrillation is basically a type of irregular heartbeat that happens when the improper firing of electrical impulses causes the atria to tremble.

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This sensation is not normal, and since doctors say that people with AFib are at a higher risk of strokes, you should go to the hospital the minute you experience it.


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