30 Seemingly Innocent Symptoms That Always Require Immediate Medical Attention

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3. You have sudden eye pain

Unexplained and sudden eye pain could be a conjunctivitis symptom. Also known as pink eye, conjunctivitis is always a medical concern since it is quite contagious. Eye pain could also signal something more serious such as an infection. Just call your doctor and describe as good as you can what you’re experiencing.

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4. You have shortness of breath

No idea why you’re experiencing shortness of breath? Well, if you didn’t perform an intense physical workout, contact your doctor. Shortness of breath that seems to come out of nowhere could be a sign of heart-related issues.

According to the director of cardio-obstetrics and internist at NYPH/Columbia and co-director of the Women’s Center for Cardiovascular Health at Columbia, Jennifer Haythe, MD, in most cases, shortness of breath is always a medical concern that requires a visit to the doctor. Please do not ignore it!

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