30 Seemingly Innocent Symptoms That Always Require Immediate Medical Attention

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7. You wear contact lenses, and your eyes are painful, red, and watery

As noted by Maszczak, wearing contact lenses increases your risk of infection significantly. He also added that this is particularly accurate when you’re not cleaning tour contact lenses properly and not replacing them as you should.

So, if you wear contacts and your eyes are kind of painful, watery, and red, all these symptoms and signs always warrant a call to your ophthalmologist. Do not joke with that; doctors reported cases of patients ending up blind because they went to the doctor when it was way too late.

8. You have chest pressure

Feeling pressure on your chest could signal many health problems, including arrhythmia, dissection, pneumonia, and pulmonary embolism. Do not assume that your chest pressure is nothing! Chest pressure is always a medical concern, so you might want to grab your phone and call your doctor ASAP.


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