6 Warning Signs You Have Chronic Fatigue

More than your physical energy levels are being impacted.

Chronic fatigue can impact you emotionally, too. “Chronic fatigue affects more than your physical energy levels,” Dr. Kinney said. “When someone is suffering from chronic fatigue, they often have a noticeable change in their mood.”


You’re experiencing new types of headaches.

According to Dr. Kinney, those who suffer from chronic fatigue will experience a series of “new” headaches. This concept may seem confusing at first, but the wellness expert said you’ll understand it once you start comparing chronic fatigue-related headaches to the types of headaches you’ve had previously.

“People generally have a pattern associated with the headaches they experience throughout their lives,” he said. A new type of headache could simply be a headache pain that you have not yet experienced.

“It may be unusual due to its location, severity, duration, frequency or other characteristics. Increased sensitivity to stimuli such as light, sound and certain smells can often trigger these headaches while suffering from chronic fatigue, due to the body’s hyper-irritable state,” he added. “These headaches are often described as migraines that the patient had not previously experienced before the chronic fatigue started.”


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