6 Warning Signs You Have Chronic Fatigue

You find yourself feeling symptoms of depression.

Chronic fatigue’s impact on your sleep could also be causing you to experience symptoms of depression. “Many people who are affected by chronic fatigue often suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea and they do not get adequate hours of quality sleep,” said Dr. Kinney. “This lack of sleep can result in abnormal hormonal balance in the body, leading to symptoms commonly associated with depression, such as increased irritability and agitation, as well as cognitive changes such as decreased concentration and mental sluggishness.”

He added that chronic fatigue’s impact on one’s performance in social and work settings could also trigger depression-like symptoms in those suffering.


You’ve begun to have trouble concentrating on normal tasks and retaining your memory.

If you begin to have more trouble than usual with remembering basic details and staying on task and it’s lasting longer than just a moment, it could be caused by chronic fatigue. “Stress can wreak havoc on the system and can be a risk factor for chronic fatigue,” celebrity physical therapist Dr. Karena Wu, DPT, told.

“Significant loss of concentration and short-term memory is not a normal occurrence and should raise questions regarding how your system is functioning,” she added. “Your brain powers the whole body. It requires energy and appropriate functioning so when you or those around you realize how difficult simple tasks or memory can be, take the time to get your health checked.”


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