7 Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effects Doctors Want Us to Know

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7. A serious allergic reaction

For most of us, there’s no surprise seeing ‘an allergic reaction’ on this list as all health websites, news television channels, and health authorities have confirmed it. Soon after receiving the vaccine, two healthcare workers suffered an anaphylactoid reaction.

After this unfortunate event, health authorities warn us to be mindful of our allergies. However, Dr. Anthony Fauci believes that this side effect is ‘rare and unusual.’ He also added that ‘we’ll be looking closely at this issue and particularly taking care of those who do have an underlying, allergic phenomenon.’

We’ll certainly do our best to keep you up to date with any new information here on Healthy Habits.

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Despite all these side effects, the coronavirus vaccines are considered safe. While no one wants to experience any side effects from the vaccine, they do occur. For what it’s worth, the same side effects we’re so scared of could indicate that the vaccine is actually fulfilling its purpose.

So, what do you think about vaccination? Will you get the vaccine?

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45 thoughts on “7 Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effects Doctors Want Us to Know”

  1. You left one out, though not serious. Thirst. Dry mouth occurred. I was told this. And other than that, no other affects from shot 1

  2. 1st shot l didn’t have of the signs I felt fine no problems. Very glad I got the shot!!! Waiting for the second one!!!!

  3. My husband and I received the Pfizer-Biontechs Covid-19 vaccine. We’re gladden, no dude effects noted. Hoping the 2nd one will be without any dude effects too, and getting ready for it in 10 days. 🙏

  4. I won’t take the vaccine at this time because I have COPD. i don’t need to be even shorter of breath as a side effect.

  5. I’m 74. And 3 x strokes Diabeties 40+ years. First shot 1 week ago. No sides effect Shot + 2 coming up. Pfizer. Let’s see how it goes

  6. Bonnie Copeland

    I got the first Moderna vaccine last night. My arm is really sore than is all. Normally shots do not bother me at all.
    I am so happy that I got the first one out of the way!!
    The process was extremely expedient and professional!!
    Way to go Orange County Florida Convention Center!!
    Awesome Job!!!
    Many Thanks!!!
    An over 65 with health issues

    1. I agree 100%. In 15 or 20 years there will be a class action suite against these companies for killing people. Your body and mind can do amazing things if you know how.

  7. I can’t wait to get mine. I keep calling and only get that it is full and to keep trying. I would like to know why Broward has plenty of the vaccine but not Dade County. It is not fair.

  8. Nancy Chimienti

    People are too trusting of a vaccine that
    was developed in so little time. If you are
    healthy, why mess with that?! Scientists
    don’t even know what the effects will be
    to your body down the line. I have heard
    of some deaths due to this vaccine., but
    you do not hear of them on the news. Be
    honest…the vaccine makers are not even
    liable if something bad happens to you.

    1. I read an article on a reputable medical website that gave the background on the development of this vaccine. Scientists have been working on a vaccine for the coronavirus for nearly a decade because of SARS -which is caused by a coronavirus. So you might say they already had the foundation for the vaccine. The article named the scientists who were working on it and what labs they worked for and where.
      I too thought it was really quick and was skeptical about taking it. I’m not as concerned now. I’m thinking about getting the vaccine but it is not available in my rural area yet. I have never even got a flu shot before but am considering this one.
      Each person has to make their own decision based on their own research, health and circumstances, etc. ……… take care & stay safe

  9. I haven’t received the shot yet but my family and I are definitely going to take it. There are side effects from the flu shot but I still take it every year.

  10. Catherine Chiles

    I think all of the side effect are worth the effort of getting us back to a “New Normal” after this pandemic. I have had nothing, but arm soreness with the vaccine that I have taken. We owe it to our families and others we care about to be protected from this Covi virus. I urge you to get out of your “Comfort Zone” and help yourself and others by taking the vaccine when it is available to you.

  11. If only all could get their act together on the distribution, it might help!
    They should have rolled it out on even a more narrow basis.
    1A, 1B: Nursing homes, people over 80, then 75, then 70, then 65, and underlying conditions. Starting out at 65+ causing Millions of people calling around the clock hundreds of times, only to never get through!!!
    Websites no better, due to limited supply that’s taken up in minutes!
    Would Love to get vaccine, even with all of these side effects! Wife depressed over it, & won’t get better until has vaccine. Solve distribution NOW.

  12. Dr Fauci , not certain I trust this guy . He has made to many reversals in what he says about the flu . It’s nothing to worry about , it is something to be concerned about . Wear a mask , don’t wear a mask . This and the fact that he is not an infectious disease but an rather immunology . I am thinking his wishy washy approach has caused many to get sick . That and he seems to blow which ever way the wind blows .

  13. Not ready. I think it was rushed. I have a serious disease which is Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am alone, no family or friends. If I get too sick, I will be in serious trouble. I am immuno-compromised with the meds I take, plus my overactive immune system. I wouldn’t feel safe to do the two injections. So far it sounds disorganized, and I want to wait for more data to be studied. What long-term effects do these vaccines have. I need more information explaining how to handle side effects when alone.

  14. Yes I’ll get vaccine as soon as it’s available. I’m 72, health issues, been isolated since this started. I’m also a retired RN but can’t get vaccine yet. Distribution is ridiculously slow.

  15. There is nothing to be afraid of, the injection is painless, obvious arm soreness for a couple of days, I have had no side effects, and can’t wait for the second one. Please don’t listen to scary rumors , that is all they are believe me. The injections will help immunize you body to the virus. I have lost three dear family members to the virus, and it was an ugly and lonely way to die. Please take the vaccine when offered. Native people should contact their local Indian health Clinic.. especially those who are 75+. They are mandated by government treaties.

    1. Got my first shot two days ago. Minor soreness at injection site yesterday, today soreness is almost completely gone. Pfizer vaccine.

  16. Patricia Atchison

    Got Pfizer shot 1 on January 7th. Mild sore arm. My second is scheduled for January 26th – any side effect that I may suffer, is a small price to pay and ever so much better than Covid.

  17. I have had both injections for the Mardna vaccine. Ist injection no problems, 2nd first 24 hours I was very tired, chills and low grade fever, could barely lift my arm . Woke up the next morning feeling, the injection site was red, hot and swollen, Next day are is good. All symptoms were handled between Tylenol and Ibuprofen. I would encourage anyone who wants to get vaccinated to do it.

  18. Had both vaccines….74 years old….sore arm both time, but not bad….was told eighty per cent of people have chills and fever day after second shot….so plan to stay home……I got up day after shot….cleaned house all day(was that one of the side effects…Ha)….and felt great…..I am a caretaker for several people and one had her first shot….had both arms sore the day afterwards….and in pain for two weeks now…took to Dr. and she said was inflammation and arthritis….does not know if shot set them off, but started day afterwards….taking Advil for two weeks and exercising and then if not better will go to get cortisone shot……Dr. does not think shot caused it……anyway next week take this 85 year old for her second shot and she is hesitant about taking it…..so we will see…..I had no problems….thank goodness…..

  19. Dry Mouth should be listed as I experienced it. The tongue and mouth were extremely dry with a metallic taste. Food and drinks didn’t taste quite right. I thought I had onset Covid. Drinking water helped a little. Slept very little and when I awoke felt like wallpaper in my mouth. Lasted about 36 hours. No temperature and physically felt normal. Stomach was in knot but could have been anxiety since this effect was not listed. As effect subsided saliva returned and food and drinks tasted great! My wife had no effect! Not looking forward to second but will do anyway. To those afraid so was I. After going through all the procedure and effect I have a feeling of being liberated! Hopefully all goes well with the second as I started looking forward to things I used to do. Hope this helps.

  20. Had my 1st dose 3 weeks ago. Sore arm for 2-3 days but tolerable. #1 on 2/1 my day off is the following day so have time to rest. So glad to get the vaccine.

  21. Thomas Marcinko

    I got my 1st Moderna shot on Jan 19th. A day later, I had chills, & my neck on the right side swelled up so I could hardly swallow. I went to ER. They did x-rays & CT-scan. Found that my Thyroid was swelled up over 15mm caused by the vaccine it said & also, my salivatory gland was full of stones.
    I did get one out of the tube from the gland to under my tongue on the size of a dime & 5 dimes high.
    I’m still fighting the pain & the problems. Been back to my P.C. Dr. 2 times. Now set up to see an E.N.T. Dr. get the rest of the stones out of my glands.
    I was a healthy 85-year-old man till this happened. Even my Dr says NOT to get the 2nd shot.
    Moderna hurried this vaccine to fast to compete with Pfizer for the $$$.

  22. From page 1: “And if you’re wondering why you need to take two doses, infectious disease expert Dr. John A. Sellick D.O. explained that to us. He said that the first dose primes the immune system, while the second one boosts it in order to give high-level protection.”.
    That is NOT an explanation about WHY two doses are necessary. It is an explanation regarding what the result of each injection is, assuming it is correct.
    There seems to be a reason two injections are given at different times, up to four weeks apart. Otherwise why not combine the two injections into one? The term “doses” implies that each of the two injections is the same, but they clearly are not, even with the explanation I’ve quoted. An explanation for the two injections I’ve seen is the first injection teaches the body how to create anti-bodies to fight COVID-19, and the second is similar to standard flu vaccines. The second injection contains weakened, non-deadly COVID-19 virus components that the body is now able to create anti-bodies against, thanks to the first injection. If that explanation is correct, we could call the “explanation” provided in the article a very dumbed-down one.

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