7 Worst Things You Could Do to Your Sight

Forget To Check Your Products

Okay, you probably know when your contact lenses expire, but do you know the expiration date of your cleaning solution and, well, every single makeup product you own? Well, you should because bacteria can easily enter your eye and damage your sight for good.


2 thoughts on “7 Worst Things You Could Do to Your Sight”

  1. Why would ANYONE use a salon’s “public” liner? I am assuming this is what was meant by this comment. If a salon or department store is going to do your make-up, whether it be for a wedding (i.e., a service you or the bride paid for) or to sell you on their product, they should always use a free, unused sample provided by the cosmetic company. AND, they should offer them to you to take with you, dispose of, etc. they should NOT be reused! That is the cost of doing business!

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