8 Essential Questions to Ask Before Taking Prescription Drugs

“Can I try non-opioid medications first?”

According to Quan Nguyen, MD, a Kaiser Permanente pain specialist in California, back pain that comes from a strain it’s a very common complaint. You don’t really need an opioid prescription if you have pain arises from the back. You can treat them with physical therapy and analgesic balms. “Other options include anti-inflammatories that are prescription strength or oral steroids such as prednisone if severe and without contraindications,” says Dr. Nguyen.


“I don’t want to take Rx meds: What other options do I have?”

“What many people don’t realize is that often, pain can be very poorly treated with prescription medications, but responds well to over-the-counter medications,” says Dr. Allen. You can change your lifestyle a little bit, before taking the prescription opioid route so, in order to reduce your pain, you can try meditation, yoga, physical therapy or massage therapy.


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