8 Signs You Have a Slow Metabolism

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#1 Sign: You’re gaining weight

This is most definitely the biggest sign of a lazy metabolism, especially when you’re exercising. However, you should know that a common trigger of a slow metabolism is hypothyroidism, a health condition in which your thyroid gland is unable to produce enough hormones.

So, if you exercise regularly but you’re still putting on weight, talk to your doctor—maybe something’s wrong with your thyroid.

#2 Sign: You can’t lose weight

It seems impossible for you to lose weight? Well…having a slow metabolism could be the culprit. A lazy metabolism can make you gain weight faster and it can also make it more difficult to lose those extra pounds. Unfortunately, no matter how much you exercise, a slow metabolism will always give you headaches (and a big number on the scale).

Inform your doctor about your weight-loss problem, maybe he/she will know what can be done.


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