8 Signs You Might Need an Eye Exam Immediately

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5. Tears pouring down your face

As strange as it sounds, when your eyes won’t stop watering, it could actually be a sign that you’ve got dry eye. “A normal, healthy tear film requires lots of different biochemical properties to be in perfect harmony,” says Dr. Andreoli.

“And if they’re not, you can either get dryness or watering of the eyes. You might have dry eye syndrome and still have tears pouring down your face.” (Think of it like putting a hand with dry skin into water—it’ll come out wet, but it won’t be lubricated.) Although it sounds counterproductive, you should try the over-the-counter lubricating eye drops for about 24 to 48 hours. And if that doesn’t work, give your ophthalmologist a call.

Takeaway: Even if your tears are pouring down your face, you can have dry eye syndrome.


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