8 Things You Shouldn’t Put Yourself Through

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Botox and filler injections

When you decide to inject Botox and filler on your own, you should know that you are on the verge of self-destroying your face and even your life.

“People are bored… they can’t go to their plastic surgeon or dermatologist, [so] they’re scouring the Internet,” said Pablo Prichard, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Scottsdale, Arizona. “You can buy black-market Botox and black-market filler, [but] the problem with these is that they’re completely unregulated by the FDA. Anything that you’re buying [is] not going through a health care professional.“

“Patients have had these foreign fillers injected into their face, only to cause facial necrosis. Even if it is a legitimate product, somebody who’s not skilled in injecting it can inject it into the wrong spot,” Dr. Prichard says.


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Dermaplaning at home

Dermaplaning means having “an extra close shave, taking the superficial dead skin off [your face] as well as the peach fuzz,” said Dr. Prichard. So, you shouldn’t do this at home because it takes a certain level of skill and you can risk to cut yourself. Moreover, if you do it wrong, this process “could cause paralysis, droopy eyelids, and more,” he said.

Instead, you can choose other safer alternatives, such as dimmer rollers or micro needling, but try not to “press too hard or get overaggressive,” Dr. Prichard added. “Set up an appointment with an aesthetician for any questions about skincare,” he suggests.


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