9 Golden Rules for Choosing a Great Primary Care Doctor

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5. The receptionist should be your friend

If you want to find a great doctor, her or his support team is the key. “We never want to underestimate the importance of the office staff, because often times they will be the ones to arrange any follow-up appointments, visits, or care that is needed,” says Dr. Muto.

However, if you are not in good terms with the receptionist, you should switch practices—but first, you should tell your doctor about the issue. “There are many reasons a practice may seem disorganized or unhelpful—for example, the practice may be understaffed, the workers may be in the process of training, the practice may be transitioning leadership, or the staff could just be having a bad day,” Dr. Nakaishi says. “Patients can talk to their doctor about any concerns with how the office is functioning so they can actively work on remedying the issues.”


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