6 Diseases That Can Damage Your Lungs (Besides COVID-19)

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Different lung categories and diseases: 

Generally, lung diseases are divided into three main categories. These diseases affect the lungs in various ways:

  • Airway diseases: These conditions affect the airflow that circulates in and out of the lungs, through airways. Those people that are suffering from this have a hard time breathing. People with airway diseases will periodically need hospital treatment, as their symptoms may get worse.
  • Lung tissue diseases: These conditions make it very hard for the lungs to work how they’re supposed to. Lungs are unable to diffuse oxygen from the airways into the bloodstream. These diseases can lead to long-term breathing problems.
  • Lung circulation diseases: These conditions target the way blood flows from the heart to the rest of the body. It makes it difficult to deliver oxygen to the organs and tissues.

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