Everyday Mistakes That Are Yellowing Your Teeth

Overusing mouthwash

A dry mouth is one of the toughest things for your teeth. Your saliva has minerals, oxygen compounds and enzymes that keep the PH balance in your mouth neutral – minimizing the acid which can wear away enamel.

“What is disheartening is that many commercial mouthwashes are very acidic, and if used very frequently, may destroy precious tooth enamel,” Harold Katz, DDS, founder of The California Breath Clinics says. So, if you’re used to take swings of mouthwash, you should reconsider this.


Acidic fruits and veggies

Acidic fruits and veggies can thin out tooth enamel. You probably know that the most acidic fruits and vegetables are citric fruits and juices, pineapples, vinegar, tomatoes, certain salad dressings and carbonated beverages. It’s important to understand that you don’t have to cut all of these out of your life.


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