How to Check Your Medical Records for Errors

What happens after your request?


Your provider has 60 days to respond to your request unless they ask for an extra time. Here’s what you can expect:

If your provider agrees there’s an error in your medical record, they’ll update your record and deliver you a notice — either in your patient portal or via email or mail — that they’ve taken care of it.

If your provider does not agree with you, they’ll send you a denial notice that should include:

• The reason they’re not going to fix the mistake. For example, they might say they believe your health record is correct and complete.
• Information about how to reply to their decision


What can you do if your provider doesn’t agree with the request?


If your provider does not agree that there is an error in your medical record, you can:

• Deliver them a formal letter in reply to their decision, stating why you disagree. Their denial notice should include instructions on how to do that. If not, call their office. This response will be attached to your health record
• If you don’t want to reply to the denial notice, you can ask your provider to attach a copy of your original request and the denial notice to the affected page(s) of your health record
• File a complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services.


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