7 Appendicitis Symptoms You Shouldn’t Miss

Belly-button pain Appendicitis pain often occurs in the lower-right side of the abdomen. The first sign, however, is typically discomfort near the belly button, which then moves to the lower abdomen.

5 Critical Times You Need To Go To The ER

You feel a dull ache in your chest and are unusually short of breath Think About: Heart Attack It may not necessarily be a heart attack, but if it is, your visit to the ER would save your life. Signs are much more subtle in women than men, so watch out for uncomfortable pressure in

10 Early Symptoms That Might Be Alzheimer’s

Memory loss This is the most common symptom. Do you easily forget information you just learned? Do you lose track of important dates, names, and events? Do you forget big things even happened?

6 Reasons Why You’re Over-Sweating After 40

As we already know, sweating happens after making physical efforts, being stressed or standing in the heat – but why does it happen after 40 years old? Well, menopause can be a reason, but sweating more than usual at a certain age has other causes. Let’s check them out. Diabetes Low blood sugar is one

7 Alarming Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Headaches Sure, headaches can result from lots of different issues, but if you’re getting them regularly, try drinking a couple glasses of water. If they go away shortly thereafter, you might have found the culprit – dehydration.

10 Surprising Heart Triggers You Never Knew About

Gum Disease It sounds crazy that something as simple as a gum problem can lead to heart attacks – although it’s 100% true. A recent study concluded that people with periodontal disease are inherently at a 25 percent greater risk for having a heart attack than those who have healthy gums. That’s because sensitive gum

Tongue Marks That Signal Some Serious Health Issues

Our body is permanently using all kinds of symptoms to signal internal problems that we may not notice otherwise. Well, one of the ‘tools’ it uses is our tongue – so if you don’t stick it out very often, you should because you may notice something pretty big! This is what a normal tongue looks

10 Personality Disorders Your Loved Ones May Have

Personality disorders are a kind of mental disorders that affect how people manage their emotions, behavior and relationships. Unfortunately, they can only be diagnosed 40% of the time – and that if the patient even shows up for therapy. Do note that personality disorders do not mean that someone is crazy. This kind of disorders

7 Signs Your Body Became Alcohol-Intolerant

Runny Nose As Mayo Clinic suggest, nasal congestion happens due to sinus cavity inflammation. “This is also due to high levels of histamine found in alcoholic beverages, especially wine and beer,” says Dr. Christopher Calapai.


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