11 Things People Who Rarely Get Sick Do–So You Should Too

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10. They aren’t germaphobes

Sorry to inform you about this, but… if you are actually one of those individuals who are always questioning if their bad soap is full of germs or not, you are more likely to get sick. While indeed it is essential to wash your hands properly after using the bathroom, let’s say, you shouldn’t sanitize every single thing ten times a day.

Parents who let their children get dirty deserve the ‘parents of the year’ certificate. This is how children build their immunity! If you constantly disinfect the surfaces he/she gets in touch with, you’ll end up having a child that spends more time with the family doctor than you.

Exposure to bacteria is how we build a strong immune system that could later fight colds and flu. Oversure of disinfecting products can do more harm than good, so don’t exaggerate.

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