10 Early Signs of Lupus Most People Ignore, But You Shouldn’t

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5. Pulmonary problems

As scary as it sounds, inflammation of the pulmonary system is also an early symptom of lupus. This inflammation can even extend to a person’s lung blood vessels. In some cases, the diaphragm is affected too.

All these symptoms can eventually lead to severe chest pain when a lupus patient is trying to breathe. Doctors call this awful condition pleuritic chest pain.

The biggest concern of this issue is that it can shrink the size of the lungs ( shrinking lung syndrome). According to the Lupus Foundation, the diaphragmatic muscles tend to weaken resulting in a movement of it.

6. Swollen joints

Most of us associate swollen joints with arthritis and it is completely normal to do so. However, painful, swollen joints can also translate to lupus. Because lupus causes inflammation, finding yourself with painful joints, especially in the morning, is no surprise at all.

If pain meds are unable to ease your pain, talk to your doctor. He or she will determine the root cause of your swollen joints in order to prescribe you the right treatment.

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