9 Signs You’ve Already Had Coronavirus

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“Have I already had the coronavirus?”

This is the question that haunts a lot of people. But how do you know if you’ve already had this virus? (It’s not like we are all health professionals or wealthy enough to test ourselves every single day.) Because the vast majority of people experience mild symptoms, it is really hard to tell if you’ve been infected with the coronavirus or not.

However, because this virus has a wide range of symptoms, from mild to severe, knowing all of them could actually make a difference. So, let’s find out if you’ve already had the coronavirus without knowing it. Click on the “NEXT” button to discover the subtle signs you’ve already had coronavirus.

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4 thoughts on “9 Signs You’ve Already Had Coronavirus”

  1. I had all these symptoms but one. Was at home sick for 9 days, before I had my husband drive me to a 24 hr. Clinic, I was having a hard time breathing by than. The emergency room admitted me, they thought I was having a stroke because of my chest pain. I was in the hospital for three days for observation, pumped me with steroids, and God knows what else! Had a hard time walking by than. This was in December of last year before this virus even had a name! Yes, it’s been around! The coughing was something I had a problem with for awhile.My treatment was not taken contagious, even though the floor I was in had filled up with flu patient’s after awhile. All staff would cover up when visiting the other patients, even the cleaning staff. They were all happy when they visited my room, cause they didn’t have to cover up, they said I wasn’t contagious like the Rest! I most then likely was more than the flu patient’s, but who knew!!

  2. I had cough , sour throat , couldn’t breath, fever , they said I had pneumonia, went and spent three days in hospital, on steroids, antibiotics, they kept asking me if I was a smoker which I never have smoked a day in my life !

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