9 Signs You’ve Already Had Coronavirus

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“Have I already had the coronavirus?”

This is the question that haunts a lot of people. But how do you know if you’ve already had this virus? (It’s not like we are all health professionals or wealthy enough to test ourselves every single day.) Because the vast majority of people experience mild symptoms, it is really hard to tell if you’ve been infected with the coronavirus or not.

However, because this virus has a wide range of symptoms, from mild to severe, knowing all of them could actually make a difference. So, let’s find out if you’ve already had the coronavirus without knowing it. Click on the “NEXT” button to discover the subtle signs you’ve already had coronavirus.

Like with a sad movie, you should have the tissues ready for our first one…..

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47 thoughts on “9 Signs You’ve Already Had Coronavirus”

    1. I dont know how long the antibodies stay in your system, but no you’re not immune.
      Studies have shown this particular virus mutates quickly and that’s why COVID-19 will have multiple vaccinations, just like the N1H1 Swine Flu during Obama’s presidency.
      The recommendation is where ever you got the first vaccine, you need to go back to the same place to get the booster or 2nd one.
      I hope that helps!

    2. I had the same question and wanted an answer before I received the vaccine. I had the antibody test done, but the nurse told me that the antibodies would only last about 6 months. My test came out negative, not surprising because I had my illness around a year before. So I will never know for sure.

  1. I had all these symptoms but one. Was at home sick for 9 days, before I had my husband drive me to a 24 hr. Clinic, I was having a hard time breathing by than. The emergency room admitted me, they thought I was having a stroke because of my chest pain. I was in the hospital for three days for observation, pumped me with steroids, and God knows what else! Had a hard time walking by than. This was in December of last year before this virus even had a name! Yes, it’s been around! The coughing was something I had a problem with for awhile.My treatment was not taken contagious, even though the floor I was in had filled up with flu patient’s after awhile. All staff would cover up when visiting the other patients, even the cleaning staff. They were all happy when they visited my room, cause they didn’t have to cover up, they said I wasn’t contagious like the Rest! I most then likely was more than the flu patient’s, but who knew!!

    1. I had a bad cough and hard time breathing. Went to urgent care, was given a breathing treatment, an inhaler, prednisone shot and pills, a Zpac and was fine in about 2 weeks….it was in July of 2019 🤔 I also got a chest x-ray. Everyone I know that has been afflicted has had little to no symptoms. Those that have more symptoms, some lasting longer are still with us with the right treatment. The Vax is the killer, total poison.

  2. I had cough , sour throat , couldn’t breath, fever , they said I had pneumonia, went and spent three days in hospital, on steroids, antibiotics, they kept asking me if I was a smoker which I never have smoked a day in my life !

    1. I returned to Seattle after attending a wedding in Ohio on Dec.15. Had sore chest and back, next few days the sore throat and runny nose. No apparent fever. Extreme fatigue (an autoimmune symptom), then headache for a few days. Seems to have lasted a week-10 days. No info about Covid in area until the end of Jan, and this was the end of Dec. When coVid info came out I thought I had had it, but nurse practitioner said “no way” and wouldn’t let me get tested, or antibody test. When she finally oked antibody test in end of May – there were no antibodies present. There seem to be several cases of repeat attack in the literature. So – I wouldn’t count on immunity. Keep up your Vitamin D.

  3. Audrey Jane Spaulding

    I am older and the only symptom that I have had is watery eyes and that is because I have walked out in the country where its really dry. I have had this symptom for years and years. I have also gotten a flue shot, I have also been to the Dr. for a Wellness check and been tested and I have no symptoms. As far as them telling us that there is another wave coming. I am not listening to any of the BS. I am however sick and tired of the Democrat Governor of Colorado moving the goal posts all the time. He wants Total Control of everyone and everything and is threatening us all the time.

      1. Noboy cares about what you think is inconvenient.
        Get ready for mask gloves and medical face sheild.
        Were gooing into mandatory lock down ppe will be dropped on out front door
        You will be expected to comply fully.
        Or see that is instire for you viral denigers.
        Your tgereason for this out break intensified.
        Your the reason for the deaths and those like you.
        Trump lost the election so you will follow the protacal of biden and dr fauchi.

        Your in for a rude awaking friend.

        Were taking control of the Corona virus
        You have no say and try to exercise what you think are your righs friend.
        In a p as pandemic you have no personal rights.

        Watch what happens to you in 3 months.

        This is your rapture.
        For hitchin your sorry ass to trump and not having the god givin brains to discern what is real and what is the trump death to you schmucks 1 term inpeached president scam and fail on Corona virus tesponce january 2020.

        Good luck with all of it

      2. That is because you were not as healthy as you think! People who ignore pre-existing conditions like obesity , diabetes of heart problems, even mild, will probably have reaction to the vaccine. However, after the symptoms subside you will have developed anti-bodies to something that has the ability TO KILL YOU!

    1. That is what communism is all about. Fake Covid -19 News to get Mail in Votes, then get kick out with fraud ballots, close all schools so that our kids will fall behind the Japanese, German and Chinese students, close all small business so that our world will get so very small and the DemocRATS will have full control over us. Then they can decide to take our guns away, so we can not revolt against them, and then we have no choice but to be compliant! Then they will tell the large companies like Walmart and the other big vendors, what they will import and from whom! Manufacturing jobs will all be gone, ( this is what Obama has been trying to do , and Trump saved us from that ) but now Obama is back for his third term and he will destroy this country. He tried in 2008 and he missed his goal, now he has Soros who will help him in any way he can!

      1. I couldn’t agree with you more !! This is all about population control. There are 15 top world wide leaders , mostly billionaires, who are enforcing these shots in order to accomplish this. These vaccines are full of poisons that no one should have in their bodies. The amount of people infected with ” Covid ” are not infected with it at all. When they have the flu,,it is written in the records as Covid. Old people who die of natural causes are recorded as Covid.
        Google NEW CASES,,and type in ANY number you want,,,let’s say 341 ,,,watch what happens. The number of your fake new cases will appear as recorded new cases.

    2. Hawaii Governor has been doing the same, I have not been sick and nobody in my area of where I live has been sick although the Island I live one has cointinued to show cases of the virus, according to the reports coming out. I also believe there are many “false/positive results coming out as well.

      Just one more way to try and control us all, thankfully I take both Vitamin C with Magnesium and also Vitamin D3 and have for a couple years now, which might be why I have not been sick.

      1. How much mg. of Vit. C, Vit. D and Magnesium do you take daily please? Is your Magnesium citrate or what’s the other kind?? thank you for your fedback! 🙂

  4. Personally, I don’t think the death threat from the virus is real. Yes, there are folks that have died because the virus exaggerated problems with prior existing conditions. If a cancer patient develops a common cold, it could kill them. But, they can’t really tell us if anyone has died strictly from the virus (only). The media and the government just need to let this run it’s course and everyone just needs to take precautions and calm down. Locking down cities is not helping. It’s only making things worse. Fear within its self will weaken the immune system. This has been the biggest farce that has ever been imposed on the world. Who is behind it? That is the real threat.

    1. I don’t want to hear about your “Democrat Governor”. We are experiencing this national disaster because of our corrupt, evil, selfish President who only pretends to be part of the “Party of Reagan”. He has destroyed the party he pretends to be a part of. Period. The stench of his corruption is to much to bear this Christmas Eve.

    2. Your infor a rude awakening. We are going into lock down with mandatory mask glove and facesheild. They will be dropping it at your door.
      Only trump soporters feel inconvenienced.
      Sorry no one cares what you think.
      You will be paid to stay home.
      You have no rights.
      Trump is the reason for the explosion of covid-19.
      Hes out dr fauchi has full control now. Many Jobs will disintegrate because they will notbe part of the post trump labor land scape.

      Trump ruined your life and your world.

      Biden will be telling you what to do and you will be expected to comply.

      Were in a new medical and techno world now.
      Cry a river, we grew out of the one term loser trump .
      Were taking control of the virus immediately
      Stay safe.
      Stay.. out of harms way.

    3. You are right and I agree with everything you said. I know a guy who was killed in a motorcycle accident and they called it Covid-19 death!
      Many of the nursing homes were ” hit hard ” only because these people were old and had underlying illnesses. Old people die of natural causes. But we were being played by the hospitals, doctors, nurses, the media and the Democrats! Many of these people died of other causes but the government was paying the Hospitals $ 35,000. ( that is right, thirty five thousand dollars,)
      for each Covid -19 death or hospitalization. So why would they tell the truth. They are just a bunch of liars, and none of us can believe any of the BS that they have been feeding us!

      1. You people are so full of it. President Trump did a
        Fantastic job as President. He is the one who got the ball rolling from the beginning. He has done more good for the American 🇺🇸 people than any
        Other Presidents ever. Your Stupid Media has lied
        to all of you the past 15 years. Your all so Damm
        Gullible to believe them. Quit lying on President
        Trump and look at that Liar Biden as his nose grow
        Every time he speaks. President Trump is the Real
        President and the Republican Party and the Supreme Court let him and America down.

    4. Michael Kingsbury

      It so happens that the number of deaths in 2020 is just about 300,000 more than the total number of death in the preceding years of 2019 and 2018.

      Just a coincidence of an indication that the surplus was because of the pandemic.

    5. You are right Chuck. If those people who died did not have an underlying medical condition (diabetes or something else) then they were in poor, unhealthy physical condition, fat with little vitamin D which supports the immune system and can be easily gotten by spending 20 minutes in the sun each day with much skin showing when the UV rays are at 3 or 4. There is an ap you can download which shows the UV rays,which rays will make vitamin D in the body.

    6. I can hear the people working in hospitals screaming “NO!!” over your opinion. People die from the plain old influenza viruses, many strains of it exist.
      Regarding what is to blame or is the cause of death in any illness, needs to be thought about a little more logically. If a cold alone won’t kill me, but having cancer can cause a cold to be terminal, than cancer is the cause of death. Illnesses related to having a disease are very common, and COVID-19 seems to be among the worst of that type of disease.
      What we choose to be the cause of death in various situations is just that, our choice. We may say a stroke or heart attack killed someone, but why not say obesity or life style is the cause, what led to either of those conditions.
      Regardless of what killed me, if I had COVID-19 and died, but would have lived if I did not get COVID-19, then COVID-19 was the cause of my death.

  5. Toni Witherspoon

    I am sick and tired of stupid people saying stupid things. Everyone who has died from this virus did not have pre-existing conditions. So to presume that this germ is not real is total nonsense. That’s like saying racism is not real, yet black people are still getting murdered.

    1. Well that is the stupidest thing yet. Do you think racism is just about black people? Do you think black people are the only ones being murdered? Are you really that ignorant?
      We have no idea how many people have actually died from this virus, because it has been exaggerated for political reasons. What is real is the people who die from heart problems and cancer. That is where we need to focus.
      Wake up and smell the coffee, educate yourself before you speak.

    2. Toni, I agree with most of your statement except as far as the racism part, 90% of the time it is blacks killing blacks. Why is it only an issue if it is a white person killing a black person???

  6. I came down with severe pink eye in both eyes just after Christmas. By my birthday (Jan 4) I had a had severe cough and terrible pain in my rib cage. I suffered with rib pain and cough for months. I ate very little, although I could taste. I also did not have a have a high fever that caused chills. I had taken my double flue shot .I still have some pain in my rib cage bones. Whatever this was likely came from my gym as that is the only place I go regularly. My gym has a b very diverse membership meaning it includes people from many countries who are here on military assignment or on business. some bring in members of their extended families who are visiting. Corona came into the Northeast Us last December -January via the big airports serving transatlantic flights connecting Italy and other EU countries and the US. Soccer games, ski trips and Christmas markets affected transmission across the Atlantic.The economic ties between Wuhan Province in china and Lombardy Italy are very strong. (Autos, fashion industry, clothing ,leather goods etc.).We knew this a year ago.Our intelligence services knew it by early january. Our leadership in DC was informed but preferred to tell Americans that was a “political hoax”. That lie sentenced a couple hundred thousand Americans to early death.

  7. We are all allowed our own opinions. You sound very angry and maybe you are in a closed down Blue state. Get outside, take a walk, breathe fresh air but if you are afraid then you can stay inside. I live in a Red open state and go shopping, out to dinner with friends, enjoy life as much as possible. We are careful but not confined and I live in a 55+ community.

  8. you are so right on Toni, this state has over 5000 dead and they are not old or have pr-existing conditions. We need to wear our masks, even as we have more and more vacinations.

  9. I have no appetite, cough and shortness of breath. I think I have the virus.
    People saying it is fake are not smart people. They will believe it when it happens to them.
    So may people not wearing mask and not social distant.

  10. I believe my friend and i both had it last January before everything blew to hell in Feb. And lockdown in March. I’ve had a few scares because of being sneezed on. And being exposed to those who had it.
    Thankfully I havent had any more issues. That im aware. Other than a bug. And symptoms from the first moderna vaccine.
    I have had 4 cousins and 2 friends die of covid. Not all were old. Not all had underlying health issues. Most were healthy and age range 30s- 50s.
    I nanny for a nurse who has seen first-hand close colleagues die from covid as well. This is not a joke or political. Or the basic flu.
    This is real.

  11. After a full year and being that we didn’t know it was arround in the beginning, this virus has most likely come in contact with everyone on the planet. Unless you never left your house and food was left outside your door, you would have had to come in contact with it over the last year. 40 % of the people in nursing homes had it and showed no symptoms. I’m over 60 exercise outside every day and never got sick. Lots of sunshine and fresh air. I don’t believe i need a vaccination but will get one anyway. Like all other preventable diseases, i wouldn’t want to be the one that gives it to someone else.

    1. Woopy doo. So what if I had a cold or the covid. I am so sick of this. I have refused masking and staying away from others. The only exception (as with all cold’s) is when I am feeling under the weather. I absolutely refuse to take a vaccine for a hyped disease. I will NOT be bullied or shamed. I am an individual and will NOT give that up. Only the sick should isolate.

  12. Late In January 2020 I had what I thought was the flu, except it carried on for about 3 1/2 + weeks, and except for getting the flu from the flu shots, when the flu lasted for about 3 weeks both times, when I get the flu it lasts about 5 to 7 days. At that time the corona Virus was not really known or being tested for.

    So, in April this year, 2021 I was scheduled for some blood tests, So I asked for the antibody test. The results were Negative, with the explanation that the Negative result just means the test didn’t find the antibodies, but they could be there and if so it was a false Negative. The notation went on to explain that if the result had been Positive, it could be a false Positive, and there could be no antibodies.

    Isn’t that comforting? My assumption is at least as good as their test. Knowing me and my body’s response to illnesses, I will go with my thoughts and consider the test to be worthless.


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