Dinner for Two? Here Are 10 Healthy and Protein-Rich Recipes

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If you’re the one in charge of the cooking, then I’m probably right to say that once in a while you completely run out of ideas. When you’re cooking for two, it’s not only about what you want to eat, but the other’s wishes as well. You might be vegetarian, and the other one’s a meat lover, or he/she might prefer only raw food, while you’re really into baking.

Whatever the preferences, sometimes it can be a ride. If you’re out of ideas again, here you’ll find another article(we know there are many others, don’t worry, we’re ok with that) with some ideas for you to try out. Remember dinner for two, protein-rich, easy to make: GO!

  1. Stuffed peppers – Bell peppers are already rich in vitamin C, so having them as the main ingredient in your meal will strengthen your immune system. But these ones are stuffed with black beans(which are full of protein and fiber), quinoa(another high-fiber source and also full of iron), and lean turkey. They also have anti-inflammatory spices, cumin and cayenne pepper, which only add extra health benefits.
  2. White fish with lemon sherry sauce – If you want protein, you eat fish that’s the rule! This recipe will only take you 30 minutes to follow. You cook the white fish with butter, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and sherry. The combination will transform into a light sauce that complements the fish perfectly, without overpowering it.
  3. Risotto with mushrooms – If you want to cook to your significant other a dinner that is both creamy and tasty, that’s it. That’s the recipe. You have to cook the rice in vegetable broth and dairy-free cheese, which will give it a stick-to-your-bones texture. Then add cashews, mushrooms, and onions to enhance the flavor.
  4. Vegan fish tacos – Wait, we remembered another great fish recipe. It will only take you 20 minutes, and it will be the perfect weeknight healthy dinner you two will never forget. You have to pair those vegan fish fillets with a whole bunch of fiber-rich veggies. Then, mix it with vegan mayo and adobo sauce on top, and you’ll have a new favorite dinner dish.
  5. Cashew Thai quinoa salad with peanut ginger sauce – This recipe needs quinoa, kale, red cabbage, bell peppers, and peanut ginger. And that’s pretty much it because we already know you’ll add some love as well.
  6. Tomato soup – There are days when all you need is a bowl full of soup next to a good Netflix series. For those nights, this recipe will save you from misery. Tomato soup can be made with fresh tomatoes or canned ones(we prefer the fresh ones), but either way, you’ll stock up on your vitamin C supply. The recipe needs garlic, so don’t be shy to add as much as you want. The magic herb is responsible for reducing inflammation and helping to keep blood sugar levels stable.
  7. One-pot lasagna soup – Just picture this: thick noodles, ground beef, cheese, tomato sauce and a lot of Italian spices. And the best part is, you won’t even need to cook anything else as a side dish!
  8. Lemon veggie pasta – Did someone said “healthy”? Well, pasta and frozen veggies on the stove is not only very healthy but also so easy to make. You’ll have beans for protein, feta cheese, and a few healthy spices. And if you’re not great in the kitchen, don’t worry! It’s so easy to make, that it’s impossible to mess it up.
  9. Greek-inspired shrimp pasta – Another amazing pasta recipe is this Greek-inspired shrimp pasta. It’s made with shrimp, olive oil, feta cheese, spinach, tomatoes, and pine nuts, and it’s the embodiment of an ideal Mediterranean recipe.
  10. Nicoise salad – If you decided to take a mental trip to the French Rivera for the night, this salad is going to help you with that. This salad is made with green beans, leafy greens, hard-boiled eggs, grape tomatoes, garlic, onion, and potatoes. The secret, however, is the topping of anchovy vinaigrette.

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