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Coronavirus: 7 Symptoms People Should Pay Attention To

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The new coronavirus has now infected more than 3,700,000 people around the world. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), confirmed illnesses of coronavirus have ranged from very mild to severe, with some even fatal. Most of the cases—about 80 percent—are mild, says Robert Glatter, MD, an emergency physician with Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

But the symptoms are also very “non-specific,” adds Nestor Sosa, MD, chief of infectious diseases at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in Albuquerque— meaning that they could easily appear due to other respiratory illnesses, like a cold or the flu.

The most common coronavirus symptoms are fever, cough, and shortness of breath. It’s also important to take into consideration that some cases of COVID-19 have been asymptomatic.

Read on to discover more about these three symptoms—plus some less common ones you should pay attention to.

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17 thoughts on “Coronavirus: 7 Symptoms People Should Pay Attention To”

  1. Are the ‘experts’ sure when this virus actually began? I work in an Asian world in Flushing, Queens NY and as early as mid-October I lost my sense of taste before other symptoms appeared…

    1. Interesting you say that because I came back from Italy in late October and within a week had most of the symptoms associated with corona. Now italy is suspecting a spike in pneumonia starting in late October may have actually been due to corona.

  2. I’m sure i had this virus mid Jan , i had recently flown from LA to Minneapolis. I also had been to my doctor on Jan 13 for a routine check up and received a flu shot. I
    Called my dr Wed jan 15 because i had an odd rash on my back. She had me come in and just figured it was viral but had no idea from what! By Mon Jan 20th i had gotten a mild sure throat, next day i started running a fever, then a dry cough i coughed so hard i couldn’t talk. This chain continued for a week. I continued getting weaker and the cough consumed me along with the off and on fever. I got so winded i could barely climb the stairs in my home.
    Then it started to reverse and i was a little better, still had the cough. Then i got this awful pain that wrapped around my chest under my breast to the center of my back . The pain was awful, then another rash showed up along the breast line. I called the doctor told her i was sure i now had shingles sent her a picture of the rash and she prescribed an anti viral for the rash and pain meds for the shingles pain. The initial illness had made me so sick it crashed my immune system and i went into shingles. Finally by beginning of Feb i was doing better.
    But I’m positive i had this virus before it was prominent in the US

  3. You know if they’re checking a medication that helps with high altitude pulmonary (Acetazolamide) because some of the symptoms are related to COPID 19 instead of ventilators as the last resort.

  4. My son and his daughter had what appeared to be the coronavirus in January as well, it was the worst I have ever seen my son especially the inability to breath. It was very difficult for him and his daughter it lasted about two weeks.. He is a truck driver and some of his deliveries have been to Detroit but he dosen’t seem to be affected by the virus anymore.

  5. Pamela G. Levesque

    In January I had all the symptoms of this virus before it was even on the TV, so there weren’t any tests available. I’m 68 years young. It did start with a dry cough and when a refill of the Symbicort 80 inhaler malfunctioned with the first inhalation. I had extreme shortness of breath but the inhaler wasn’t helping me at all. After talking with my doctor’s head nurse, she gave me the next highest dose of that same inhaler (Symbicort 120) Since this was obviously a different flu than what I got the shot for last October, I did what I usually did for the flu, 8 cups of 8 ounces each of fluids, stayed off sweets and ate fewer grain products (bread, pasta) if any (they convert to sugar really fast), had earlier bedtimes, watched positive or funny things on TV, ran the humidifier in my bedroom at night and another in my living room/home office during the day, gargled with 1/2 cup of hot water mixed with 1/4 cup lemon juice ONCE a day, slathered Vicks Vaporub on the bottoms of my feet at bedtime and put socks over top AND stayed home. Usually I take a hot shower every other night. But on two nights I had to take a hot shower and bring it slowly down to a cool shower to get rid of the 103 degree fever; my normal temperature is 97 degrees. I took 1 tablet of Extra Strength Acetaminophen as the label said, maybe I took it 4 days. Two tablets of the extra strength item are too much, and can hurt your liver, said a Nurse at a hospital. After slamming it hard for a week and starting to feel better, I started eating bread again, the “bug” seemed to strengthen and I started slamming it with everything again. In my frequent prayers, I demanded the evil spirits of infirmity to be bound in Jesus’ Name! And I asked God to loose his holy warring angels and his holy angels of light for more help!

  6. I believed I had the vivid-19 virus since December of last year, I have allergies and asthma and in January the 1st I was admitted in the hospital, I had the flu, which turn into asthma and I had other complications. I was given oxygen for 6 days. I was there 8 days. And also had pneumonia. I’m also 72 years old. My
    Family also suffered from allergies, but didn’t show any other symptoms.

  7. The comments above are right from the heart. Real people. As for myself, 78 years old with high blood pressure, no symptoms yet. Taking one day, one breathe at a time. To keep up my immune system, plenty of rest and fluids and daily half hour brisk walks away from people. Also staying away from very negative David, “the Sky is Falling” Muir from ABC News. Bad for the soul and bad for a healthy disposition.

    1. I’ve been staying in but had a roommate go out every day to the store visit his Daughter and son every other day and sometimes every day I gave him a 30 day notice but had a move out before we call him Steve

  8. Valarie Weaver

    I’ve read a lot of these comments and my husband who’s 48 and I (58) also believe we may have had this as early as Jan. However, we were in Italy in Oct. and both became sick but didn’t think to much of it. His started the day after we were there and we chalked it up to maybe the air in the plane as he has severe asthma and COPD. Never smoked a day in his life but developed the lung problems after being in the war. I started getting sick on the following Friday. Mine started with a sore throat, which isn’t unusual for me since this is where most of my problems will start. What is unusual is that I don’t get colds or the flu and this felt like a cold at first. My husband lost his voice first, then started having problems with breathing and feeling sick but sucked it up because he thought he’d ruin our vacation. By the end of the week he was coughing constantly but nothing coming up as he would usually. Once we were home he went to the doc and was given antibiotics. My symptoms seemed to wane but then came back a couple days later and I was diagnosed with an Upper Resp. given antibiotics and sent home. We both started to get better then bam once the antibiotics were gone we were put back on them. Finally, we felt better. But come Jan. he was sick again. This time he was really sick, like he had the flu. He had not gotten his voice back completely from Oct. but he lost it completely again. His breathing got bad again and he thought he had pneumonia. We took him to the doc and was told it was Bronchitis. Back on antibiotics. He developed a rash and it looked like measles. Back to the doctor to show them the rash and they chalked it up to the antibiotics (this rash was weird and he’s never had one from the antibiotics they gave him before). Put him on a new course, this time a Z-pac. He was out of work for a week, then a day here and a day there. He was very fatigued. He used his nebulizer at home. He has a c-pap and an oxygen machine hooked up to it, so luckily he was getting some forced air into him. He had to sleep elevated. This was the worst I’ve ever seen him sick. Overall, he was sick this time for 8 weeks and his cough was a nightmare. Towards the middle of the 8 weeks he started coughing up white stuff that he said was like the consistency of glue. Again, weird. The day after we took him in for the rash, I was back at the doctors sick. Sore throat, slight fever, felt like bronchitis but they said my lungs sounded clear. They said I had an upper resp. again. WTH. It took me 2 courses of antibiotics to get better. As I said earlier, I don’t usually get sick so this was very unusual. We don’t go around other family members when we are sick (we don’t let them come around us when they are sick) so the risk of exposing them wasn’t happening. I have a son that’s 41, he took the kids trick or treating on Halloween and within a couple of days he was really sick. It wasn’t an option for him to stay home from work so he was not able to rest. He too had a severe cough throughout November and continued to feel sick. He smokes which I’m sure made him worse. But, he’s never been this sick before either. He also started coughing up white phlegm that was like glue. He has six kids, come Christmas, 2 of my grandkids and my daughter-in-law were sick and not able to come for dinner. As an afterthought I wonder if the other kids had mild cases and passed it around or maybe my son was not completely free from being contagious but my husband getting sick again in Jan was within the 14 day period. Did we have Covid? Did we get it in Italy? These have been questions we’ve wondered since we first heard of the virus hitting Italy so hard. If we had it, are we immune? More questions. All I can say is, if we had it, we Thank God we’re still here.

  9. Lillian Zelitch Fisher

    On Oct. 22nd of 2019 my husband who was 92 became so weak he could not make it to the elevator on our floor. He had started to cough a short time before. By the time the emergency came and took him to the hospital he was having trouble breathing and put on oxygen. Then they said that he couldn’t swallow so they took away food and water. Within 1 week he was in hospice and passed away, I have wondered he did not smoke and had no debilitating disease despite his age. He had fallen several times. My family all visited him . In fact spent many hours with him. Then when my son went back home he developed a cough which no matter what did not go away for a long time. Makes you wonder-did my husband have coronavirus 19??? The rest of the family was not affected.

  10. i sure hope and pray everyone here that had the covid 19 is well and doing great now plz stay home and stay safe and here is a tip if u were ever to get it again ask your doctor for a c pap machine they help you breath a 119 year old man went to hospital and was in there for about a month then they said they can no longer do anything more for him his son came picked him up and took care of him the first day home from hospital he put his 119 year old father on his c pap machine for about 8 hours during the day while he was sleeping then he be off of it the rest of the day till he went to bed for the night then he was on it all night then when morning came his father hasent felt as good as he did when he woke up that morning in a long time so he took his 119 year old father back to hospital for a checkup and they said well im not sure what happend here but your father seems to be all better back to normal which i have never seen this before your father is lucky not many people his age especially anyone 65 or older has ever survived covid 19 and fortuntley he is the first 65 and older to survive covid 19

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