Your Surprising Benefits of Visiting the Doctor Regularly

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Our health is the most important thing to look after. From balanced diets to daily exercise and relaxation, these ingredients increase your chances of living a good, healthy life.

However, they don’t assure it.

In this day and age, there are so many diseases that are only partially influenced by our lifestyle. We’ve all heard stories about professional sportsmen or nutritionists who confronted illnesses themselves.

Most of the times, you don’t even notice these conditions, which is why they are sometimes called ‘silent killers.’ The only way to find out if you really are healthy is by going to the doctor.


Doctor Visits: A Life-Saving Habit

‘Why should I go to the doctor when I feel perfectly fine?’

That’s what most people think – and what makes treating an illness ten times harder. Regardless if we’re talking about a common cold or something more serious like cancer, the earlier it’s found, the better!

With a simple check-up from time to time, your doctor notices if anything’s wrong way before you do.

Although yearly consultations are recommended to everyone, seniors should especially do so because they are more prone to chronic diseases.


Creating a Relationship

Visiting the same doctor on a regular basis helps both of you develop a strong bond that helps your health in the future.

The more a specialist gets to know you, the better he/she can understand how your body works.

Although our bodies have similar mechanisms, everybody is different. The more a doctor gets to see you, the faster you’ll find out what is normal and what you need.

Even if your doctor has given you a long-term treatment, you still need to be under constant observation. If you feel the treatment works, that’s great, but there are many hidden symptoms we don’t know about.

Furthermore, you will feel much more comfortable sharing intimate experiences and questions with someone you already know. All of these things lead to a healthy relationship with many benefits on both sides.

Staying Protected Every Year

Although you may have done every analysis out there last year, your body is continuously changing. Within 365 days, most of your cells replace themselves – not to mention all the bacteria and viruses we come in contact with.

An annual check up (at least) will help your doctor figure out what your body needs to stay strong and healthy. Some of the things a medic may recommend are:

  • Flu shot. As the Centers for Disease Control explains, people over 65 years old are much more prone to catching the flu. That’s exactly your doctor may suggest an annual shot for you;
  • Blood work. The type of blood work depends on the patient’s history and current symptoms. Most of the times, though, analyses include blood count, glucose and thyroid tests;
  • Chest X-ray. After a certain age, our chances of developing lung or heart problems increase considerably. A chest X-ray may reveal those issues;
  • Vision screening. Your doctor can also recommend a vision exam to check for any improvements (or new problems) that happened since last year.


If you think about the expenses required by annual doctor visits, it’s definitely a wrong approach. Instead, think about how much money you’d spend struggling to treat a disease that would be gone in no time otherwise!

While a doctor should be a trusted friend with whom we share our most personal concerns and symptoms, if your age is 50 years old or older, you may also consider getting tested for heart disease or stroke risk through Life Line Screening.

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