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8 Foods To Avoid If You Have A Gluten Intolerance

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  • Kinds of pasta that are wheat-based – the majority of people love pasta, but one of the main ingredients that are used are grains that contain gluten. There are healthier alternatives, so you should avoid regular noodles, dumplings, gnocchi that are made with wheat flour, and noodles.
  • Snacks – as much as you might love them, you should stay away from granola and cereal bars, chips, pretzels, energy bars, cookies, candy, snack mixes, and cookies.
  • Beverages – as crazy as it might sound, there are many beverages that are made by using ingredients that contain gluten. Say goodbye to grocery store chocolate milk, premade coffee drinks, beer, bottled wine coolers, and drink mixes.
  • Processed foods – we all know that processed foods taste good, but they are extremely unhealthy for us, especially if you are sensitive to gluten. This is why you should kick the following things out of your diet: veggie burgers, hot dogs, cheeses, pudding, egg substitutes, some types of ice creams, canned soup or soup mixes, breakfast cereal, fried food, flavored tofu, dessert mixes, pudding, and lunch meats that are already prepared.


As much as you might love some of the foods listed above, you should stay away from them if you don’t want to upset your stomach. Are you gluten-intolerant? If yes, how is your diet looking? We are curious to know what you think, so make sure to let us know about it by leaving a comment in the section down below!

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