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9 Foods Good For Your Metabolic Rate

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Sea weed

We previously mentioned that greens are fastening the metabolism, bet you didn’t expect we meant sea weeds as well. It’s filled with iodine which is very beneficial for the thyroid gland.

We don’t blame if you will pass this one, we would too!

Hemp seeds

Just like the chia seeds these are surprisingly full of proteins and you can put half of a cup in your smoothie, oats, salads and even MUFFINS!

Besides fasting your metabolism these also helps with the gut health and digesting carbs FASTER!


Fish is rich in fiber, proteins and it’s a big energy booster.

Coffee and tea

Several studies have shown that at least 200ml of coffee a day will help increase your metabolism, burning lots of calories.

Matcha green tea is known for its amazing properties of burning extra calories if you also have an active exercise plan.


Drinking water is always a good idea. Hydration is a very important part which we often tend to forget about. Water has lots of properties one of them being boosting your metabolism.

However, this may vary from one person to another, but it can’t hurt anybody, right?


Eating healthy is a good idea, it has lots of benefits and it can improve your health and physical condition, but don’t refrain yourself from the simple pleasures of life, after all we only live once and we shouldn’t be unsatisfied with our meals.

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