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5 Surefire Ways to Reduce Your Odds of Developing Osteoporosis

Photo by antoninavlasova from Envato Elements

1. Opt for a well-balanced diet

We all know that a healthy diet means eating enough fruits, veggies, and lean proteins; however, including certain foods that are rich in vitamin D is also essential, especially when you want to lower your odds of developing osteoporosis.

Getting enough amounts of vitamin D, as well as calcium, is crucial in maintaining good bone health. Try to eat more dairy products (cheese, Greek yogurt, milk) and some veggies like kale and bok choy, which are abundant in calcium, a mineral that is responsible for building stronger bones.

When it comes to vitamin D, the sun is the best provider, but fortified cereals, fatty fish like salmon and orange juice can brag about their vitamin D content, so try to eat them as often as you can.


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