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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Being Stressed

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6. Stress makes you better adjusted

Experiencing stress from time to time is quite normal, and those who can transform it into a beneficial thing can conquer the world with one hand. “The impact of stress depends a lot on the meaning we assign to the situation, our perception of how difficult managing the situation will be, and how adequate our personal resources are to meet the demands,” says Dr. Teachman.

“If we believe that the stressor presents an insurmountable threat, we are likely to experience the negative consequences of stress because we think the situation has overwhelmed our coping resources. If, instead, we view the situation as a difficult challenge but one that we are capable of managing, then we are motivated to take steps to meet the challenge because we believe we have that capability.” We have to find healthy ways to manage our stress, not to avoid it, because it’s impossible these days.

“One student thinks there is no way he can do well on the exam and feels defeated by the stress, and doesn’t even bother studying. Another student facing the same exam expects it will be very difficult but thinks that she can do well if she studies hard. The same stressor can lead to very different responses. It’s helpful to remember that there’s often more than one way to view a situation and that we have handled stress in the past.”

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