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What’s Behind My Watery Eyes?

You have a blocked tear duct

Another common reason for watery eyes is a blocked tear duct, but the blocked duct doesn’t cause an excess creation of tears, according to Dr. Lazzaro. “Blocked tear ducts actually do not allow the normal tears produced to drain into the tear duct, so the patient frequently has tearing down the cheek,” Dr. Lazzaro says.

Dr. Chan says that this drainage goes through a passageway into the nose and the back of the throat which is why you sometimes get the sniffles when you cry. “Any blockage of the tear ducts prevents the eyes from draining excess fluids that are not being used to lubricate the eyes,” he says.


You have allergies

Allergies are another cause of watery eyes. Eye problems from allergies often start with itching from the allergen. And one of the worst things you can do in this situation is rub your eyes, according to Dr. Marioneaux. That’s because chances are, the hand brought the allergy to the eye in the first place.

“Tearing is just what the patient notices,” Dr. Marioneaux says. “The primary reason why the eyes water in an allergy situation is to try and bring forth all the wonderful components of the tears.” These tears will try to dilute or bind with the allergen to break it up, get rid of it, and relieve itching, she adds.

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