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10 Reasons Why Your Stomach Hurts

Photo by Emily frost from Shutterstock
  • Tummy trouble – Everyone’s experiencing from time to time some tummy issues. But there are some cases when you need to see your doctor.
  • Gastritis – There’s a liquid that helps you digest the food you eat, and it has a lot of acid in it. In some cases, these digestive juices can get through the protective barrier in your stomach and irritate its lining. That’s basically gastritis. It can appear due to bacteria, or regular use of pain relievers, such as ibuprofen, or too much alcohol. Stress also has something to do with it. The best thing to do is to see your doctor about this issue because it can lead to bleeding or stomach ulcers.
  • Peptic ulcer – Peptic ulcers appear when there are open sores on the lining of your stomach or the upper part of your small intestine. It’s usually caused by bacteria, but also by long-term use of aspirin, ibuprofen, and other painkillers. Also, people who smoke and drink are also prone to suffering from peptic ulcers. This disease is treated with prescription medicines that decrease the acid in our stomach, or even antibiotics, depending on how serious it is.
  • Stomach virus – This is commonly known as the stomach flu, and it’s basically a viral infection in your intestines. The symptoms include watery diarrhea, cramps, and nausea. As it can be transmitted, you can get it from someone who has it or contaminated food. Even though there is no treatment, it usually goes away on its own. If you’re suffering from fever, you’re throwing up, dehydration, or blood in your vomit or stool, visit the doctor.

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