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10 Signs You Might Have an Autoimmune Disease

Photo by Irina Bg from Shutterstock
  • Fatigue – Although there probably isn’t one person on this planet that doesn’t know what fatigue feels like, this is one of the most common symptoms in autoimmune disorders. Your immune system is consuming all of your body’s energy, by sending immune cells to attack it, which makes you lose energy. This makes it difficult for you to keep your day-to-day routine and accomplish all the daily chores you had planned.
  • Celiac disease – Celiac disease is the one responsible for all the “gluten-free” products we see nowadays on any grocery store’s shelf. This condition doesn’t allow a person to consume gluten, which is a protein that’s found in grains like rye and wheat. When gluten arrives in the intestine, the body’s immune system thinks it’s a pathogen and starts attacking it, which causes inflammation and other symptoms.
  • Muscle soreness – Muscle soreness is another relevant symptom for those who might suffer from an autoimmune disease. Soreness affects many muscles in the body, but may also feel like a dull ache or an ongoing pain.
  • Vasculitis – When your immune system starts attacking the blood vessels in the body, it’s called vasculitis. This leads to inflamed blood vessels. The tighter the inflammation becomes, the more constricted the blood vessels are and the harder it gets to transport blood.
  • Weight gain – Unexplained and rapid weight gain is an important sign of an autoimmune condition. In some cases, it leads to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which happens when the thyroid glands aren’t able to produce the needed hormones. On top of all these difficult symptoms, those who suffer from Hashimoto’s might become extremely sensitive to cold weather and start losing hair earlier in life.

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