6 Things You Should Know About Thyroid

Hyperthyroidism symptoms are varied

When your thyroid is producing too much thyroid hormone, it can result in hyperthyroidism. Christian Nasr, MD, director of the Thyroid Center at Cleveland Clinic, describes this feeling like you’re going 100 miles per hour all the time. Symptoms include feeling anxious, visibly shaky or feeling shaky inside, insomnia, multiple daily bowel movements, weight loss with an increase in appetite, feeling warm and sweating excessively, and abnormal menstrual periods.


Hypothyroidism affects energy levels and more

On the opposite end of the spectrum, hypothyroidism is when your thyroid is underactive. “Imagine going at ten miles per hour all the time,” says Dr. Nasr. “Moving slowly. Feeling tired and sleepy. Feeling bloated and constipated. Experiencing hair and nail changes. Feeling cold all the time. Feeling depressed. Experiencing mental slowness, slow heart rate.”


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