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8 Habits We Can Learn From Doctors To Avoid The Flu

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  • They do like to use extra sanitizer – Working in an office means that you share the air, space, and equipment with others that might be sick. That’s why Dr. Arthur recommends you always take the time to wipe down surfaces that you share with others.
  • They shut their office door – Those who work in an office can’t avoid interacting with others, especially doctors. That’s why they keep their door shut, because it helps limit contamination, according to Dr. Arthur.
  • They take zinc tablets – Dr. Rose stays in good health with the help of zinc tablets. It keeps any incoming colds at bay. As he says, zinc tablets are also great in treating viral infections, especially at the first sign of symptoms. Plus, there are studies that show how zinc is extremely effective in reducing the number of days a cold stays in your organism.
  • They stay at home when they feel sick – No matter how important or demanding your job may be, if you’re sick, you should stay home. Your body needs time to rest and recover, and your co-workers could benefit more from the fact that you’ve decided to stay home rather than come to work. Plus, you’ll get better faster and be back to work in full health.
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