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12 Reasons Why You’re Still Not Losing Weight

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3. You’re eating way too many calories

If you have trouble losing weight, maybe you’re eating way too many calories. And if you think that’s not the case for you, think again. Studies remind us that the vast majority of people who are trying to lose weight tend to underestimate their calorie intake.

More than half of Americans who have trouble losing weight don’t realize how many calories they eat in a day, and, sadly, the amount is quite significant. Fortunately, calorie counters weren’t invented yesterday. So, if you’re not losing weight (for apparently no reason), maybe it’s time to keep an eye on your calorie intake.

In general, getting 30 percent of your calories from protein is a surefire way to lose weight, but in order to do so, you most definitely need to count your calories.

4. You’re not consuming whole foods

Not only quantity is important but quality too. Consuming whole foods on a regular basis can lead you one step closer to achieving your weight-loss goals. Plus, whole foods should be part of a healthy diet, no matter if you’re trying to lose weight or not.

Whole foods keep you satisfied for longer compared to their processed counterparts. And even if it says ‘healthy’ it is not necessarily true. Many food products are labeled as ‘healthy’ and look where that got us: 36.6 percent of Americans are overweight, and more than 26.5 percent are obese.

Always opt for whole foods rather than processed ones.


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