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12 Reasons Why You’re Still Not Losing Weight

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5. You’re not used to lifting weights

Another issue that can delay your weight-loss process is that you’re not lifting weights. If you do not see any results on your scale, may it’s time to do a form of resistance training like lifting weights. This type of exercise will most likely help you build muscle mass while burning body fat.

And that’s not all: Lifting weights can also keep metabolic slowdown at bay. On top of that, your summer body will be ready for that swimsuit. However, if you’re not used to lifting weights, contact your trainer because if you lift them incorrectly, your joints will suffer the consequences.

6. You’re binge eating

Binging on foods frequently (no matter if they are whole foods) is a common reason why people are not losing weight. Dieting and binging don’t go hand in hand, so do you really want a second portion of fruit salad? Yes, fruits are your weight-loss friends, but not when you’re eating them in large amounts.

Your body doesn’t need two bananas, three oranges, a handful of berries, and a bowl of grapes all in one binging session. Healthy foods have calories too, and depending on the quantity and which type of foods you’re indulging in, you may eat an entire day’s worth of calories.

…It’s more than obvious that binging on junk food is even worse.


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